Personal Works | Street animals around the world
A series of paintings were selected as winning illustrator of The Illustrator Exhibition of Bologna Children’s Book Fair in 2021. I painted lovely animals that I met when traveling.
#1  A sleeping dog in Tainan (Taiwan)
#2  A stretching cat in Nagasaki (Japan)
#3  A gazing cat in Teshima (Japan)
#4  A dazed dog in Chiang Mai (Thailand)
#5  A yawning cat in Naoshima (Japan)
The Bologna Children Book Exhibition at Itabashi Art Museum (Tokyo)
Animation for promotion of Taiwan Featured Artist of 2021 Bologna Children Book Festival
Now I am still keeping recording them...
A seagull was resting at pier 39 in Los Angeles. (America)
 A wandering ox in Chiang Mai. (Thailand)
A white dog felt so hot in Taitung. (Taiwan)
Two cats were waiting for the old lady coming to feed them in Tokyo. (Japan)
Two cats were resting on the roof in Chiang Mai. (Thailand)
A black cat was gazing at me in Tokyo. (Japan)
 A dog of the souvenir shop in Karuizawa. (Japan)
A cat was guarding the oyster shop in Hiroshima. (Japan)